Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Lesson

Merry Christmas from Beau's Sunbeams!

We had a fun lesson yesterday. We talked again about the birth of Jesus, ate cookies and colored the stars of Bethlehem. Somehow the topic of bugs came up....Joey was concerned about a wasp stinging you, Davis said to kill all the bugs, and Trevor said that bugs can suck your blood!
I promise I try hard to stay on topic, but boys will be boys!

Here you see them re-enacting the shepherds as they saw the star in the sky...
"Lo! There is a star! The angel said don't be scared, it's the baby Jesus!"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Learning About Our Savior

Today we learned about thinking about our Savior and being reverent as the sacrament is passed. Our activity was coloring a picture of a girl that was partaking of the sacrament in a reverent manner.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beau's Sunbeam Marching Band

Today we talked about music and how it can make us happy when we're sad and make us think about Jesus and become reverent. We made marachas and formed our own marching band!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Primary Program Practice

We had our final Primary program practice Friday night before the big show Sunday. Keeping these four boy Sunbeams in line is like nailing Jello to a tree...

We even brought in the police...

Sister Wendie in action!

Pray for us this Sunday @ 10:30am EST !!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beau's Sunbeams

Trevor, Joey, Beau, Caleb, Maddie and Tyler. We missed Austin for this photo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Can Be Kind to Animals

Two of the boys had new socks and shoes. They couldn't quit looking at them, so we took a timeout and took a picture!

Our lesson today was about being kind to animals. Since Joey, Tyler and Trevor have all been to my house and played with my dogs, we used them for our examples. Talking about dogs prompted the following comments:

Tyler: "Scooby Doo has a tail and can talk. Sugar (my dog) can't."

Joey:"I pull the tail of Mimi's and Tata"s cats but I'll try not to any more."
These are the boys favorite animals:

Tyler: tiger
Joey: elephant
Trevor: crocodiles

Here are some random comments during the remainder of the lesson:
Trevor: "I'm eating a real worm."( I gave them gummy worms)
: "Never shoot a bird"

: "Only shoot bad birds."

Joey: "Not an eagle."
: "If a bird tries to make a hole in your body, he's bad."

: "My daddy can't kill anything cause he doesn't have any guns...he can use tools, like a hammer to kill something."
Tyler: " Batman doesn't go to church."

Aubrey Fry (Tyler's little sister) sat in on our class for about 10 mins. She sat at the table in a chair just like the boys. We were amazed because she's generally shy and doesn't like to leave her parents. Here's what Tyler had to say about it.

Tyler:"Aubrey was trying to tell us how bunnies make a sound, hop, hop."
Trevor: "My Mimi's dog was Julie, but her died."
Tyler: "But we are not going to die for a long time."
Trevor: "When you die you are a spirit."
Joey: "When you're in a cemetery, you dig a hole."
Trevor: "What is 100+10 through 11 1?""

Monday, September 29, 2008

Never tell a train story...

Lesson 34 - I Can Love Others

The boys had little trouble with today's lesson. They all realized we should love each other and that Jesus and our families love us. I'd say that's a pretty remarkable thing when you consider the number of children who don't feel loved. I was trying to emphasize to them how lucky we all are to have a loving Father in Heaven and earthly parents. I suspect that often we take this for granted. The energy level was high today so I gave them pipe cleaners to play with as we talked.

The real challenge began in sharing time. Sis. Matthews had a real cute story about a train that needed help and finally realized it could pray and ask Heavenly Father for help. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, my "Thomas the Train" fanatics kept interupting her to tell her which train to call to help. They knew every name of all the "good" and "bad" trains and cars from the Thomas the Train show. Somehow I think the message got lost...I guess you need to know your audience...what started out as a great idea ended up as a plug for PBS...